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Flowers that are well maintained can stay fresh for up to 14 days. Maintaining flowers is a simple chore that can be done within 10 minutes. As part of enhancing our customers’ flower experience, we share some florist tips that will guarantee over seven days freshness as you enjoy the aesthetic pleasure of beautiful flowers.

  1. Put 1/4 of warm water into a clean vase

Once your flower order is delivered, the first step is to add warm water. Warm water helps the flowers to perk up. The flowers bloom unleashing their beauty and captivating the emotion. Make sure you use a clean and clear vase to bring out the ambience of flowers and make the flower environment conducive to increase their vase life. If you already have a vase, you should clean it using salt and vinegar paste and smear it on the vase and leave it for 30 minutes before rinsing it thoroughly. The idea is to make the vase perfectly clean and ensure there not bacteria that can cause the flowers to rot.

2. Add Flower Food

Flowers need food, clean environment and water. You must combine these three things to lengthen the flower life. Once the flowers are cut, they are deprived food and growth hormones that they get from mother plant in pre-harvest stage. The food is therefore important for providing nutrients to keep the flower alive that lengthen the vase life.

Flower Food

Don’t know where to get flower food? We will do that for you. At Jospah Florist, we provide at least two flower food sachets for every bouquet delivery. The flower food has all required nutrient as recommended by our in-house flower experts. Our expert choice is Vase life universal flower food for cut flowers

3. Add two tablespoons of white vinegar, lemon or lime juice or sugar

This step is important for hindering bacteria growth. Bacteria, if present, make the vascular system of the flower stem to block reducing the water and nutrient uptake. Bacteria can therefore make the flowers to wilt on the second day even when you have added flower food and clean water

4. Cut 1 inch of the flower stems

use sharp object to cut flower stems

The fourth step is to evenly cut the flower at 45 degree angle (not straight) across and place them inside the vase. The 45 degree angle increases the surface area for water uptake and minimises contamination inside the vase. Make sure you use a sharp, sterile knife or scissors or pruning knife to cut the flower stem. Using a blunt cutting object destroys and injures the stems reducing their ability to uptake water and nutrients.

5.Re-cutting the stems after every 2-3 days

Another important routine practice is re-cutting the flower stem every 2 or 3 days. This helps remove any decaying or discoloured parts that increase the surface area of water and nutrient uptake. Remember to remove all the lower leaves below the water line to avoid their rotting and clouding of the water.

NB: Replace the water when you find it cloudy (unclear) since it indicates presence of bacteria

6. Place your Flowers Well

Lastly, arrange your flowers in a vase neatly and place them at your preferred location. Avoid placing the flowers in a location with direct sunlight or heat source to minimize fast withering through rapid water loss and evaporation. Remember to keep adding water in case there is water loss.

Finally, enjoy the flowers till all leaves and petals have or are close to withering.

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