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Flowers’ Colour Meaning |Clear Your Doubts

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Flowers are naturally beautiful and come in different colours. Over the years, different colours of flowers have been associated to mean specific things or be appropriate to certain occasions. The same type of a flower can have different colours such as red, yellow, pink, purple, orange, etc. For instance, rose flower can be red, white, orange and yellow. The colours of a flower emphasize deep emotions that words cannot express.  In general, flowers are sent to a person(s) you care on different occasions to cheer them up, offer an apologize, show love and appreciation, pick them up in airport, show sympathy when ill or for a loss of a loved one, housewarming and thanksgiving. You can also send flowers on special occasions such as birth of a newborn, baptism, anniversaries and birthdays. In this small article we share the meaning of flowers’ colour to make it easier for you to choose and send flowers with confidence.

“Knowing builds confidence”

Red Flowers

Red Roses Bouquet

This is the most famous colour and is commonly known as the colour of love but it also expresses passion, desire, and respect. They can be used on occasions that you want to express the meanings which include Christmas, valentines, mother’s day to show love, in the funerals to show a celebration of life despite mourning. They can be included in flowers to cheer up someone, airport pickups, thanksgiving to show some respect, when someone is back from a holiday, in-office arrangements, and you can send yourself red flowers to show some self-love.

White Flowers

Mixed White Flowers Bouquet

Colour white expresses innocence, purity, and sympathy. It a colour that also expresses humility and can be used on occasions like sympathy occasions when people have lost their loved ones or when our loved ones are ill, funerals to symbolize celebration of life and represent calmness, baptism ceremonies to symbolize purity, weddings ceremonies, when you want to say sorry, house warmings, hospitals arrangements, church arrangements and memorials

Yellow Flowers

Yellow Roses Bouquet

Yellow is one of the sweetest and brightest colours known. It expresses friendship, joy, and happiness. This is the best flowers to give during a friendship day, birth of a baby boy, first dates, weddings, pickups after a vacation or holiday purposely to express happiness. Yellow flowers can also be used to celebrate promotions in a job position, house warming ceremonies, church arrangements, birthdays, office arrangements and anniversaries. The color resonates very well with masculinity and non romantic relationships.

Pink Flowers

Pink Roses Bouquet

Pink is a colour loved by most ladies and it expresses happiness, gentleness, femininity, and love. They can be used in occasions such as newborn of a baby girl, Christmas and mother’s day to represent admiration, wedding ceremonies, house warmings, a lady’s birthday, and whenever you want to express some love, admiration, and gentleness to a lady.

Orange Flowers

Orange is a colour that expresses excitement and enthusiasm which is the expression of passion and feeling of warmness. You can use orange flowers on occasions like birthdays, weddings, house warmings, when someone is back from holiday or vacation, airport pickups, office arrangements, church arrangements, newborn, when you want to cheer someone up and you can also send yourself some orange flowers on different occasions in your life to cheer yourself up.

Blue Flowers

Blue is the colour of peace. It expresses calmness, restfulness, and quietness, and can be used in bouquets like am sorry bouquet. It also expresses humility can be used in sympathy bouquet to represent hope and also in funeral arrangement to show peace, hospitals, church arrangements and memorials

Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers Bouquet

Purple expresses a feeling of admiration, success, and royalty. Purple flower arrangements can be used to show accomplishment and can be used in all ceremonies including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, church arrangements, graduation ceremonies, mother’s day celebration, friendship day, on job promotions, office arrangements, airport pickups and the birth of a baby gal.

Lavender Flowers

Lavender Roses Bouquet

Lavender represents grace, elegance, and youth. It is also called lilac. It can be used on occasions like baptism, birthdays, weddings, job promotions, graduation ceremonies, in-office arrangements, mother’s day celebration, church arrangements friendship day, airport pickups, can be used on office arrangements, celebrating promotions, the birth of a newborn and when you want to cheer someone up.

Green Flowers

Green flowers Bouquet

Green symbolizes renewal or rebirth and can be used on occasions like funerals for a celebration of life despite mourning, baptism, in church arrangements.


Next time your sending flowers, emphasis on the bouquet colour mix. This will make the recipient melt as the intended impression will be achieved. When shopping online, you can use the order notes section when checking out. Or you can tell our customer support on the live chat.

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